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9 reasons hand-coding always beats site builders

If you use any kind of social media like Facebook or Twitter, you won’t have been able to avoid the merciless onslaught of ads promoting WYSIWYG website development. I’m not talking about those fancy software applications like DreamWeaver, but actually hosted site building applications that offer drag-n-drop website building systems complete with predefined templates. You could easily think that this is a great idea because on the face of it these kinds of systems are supposed to save you time [...]

12 JavaScript libraries to watch in 2017

With hundreds of free JS libraries out there it’s tough to know where to put your energy. Some end up discarded or forked into new projects, while others grow rapidly and achieve widespread adoption. Most developers already know the big names like jQuery and React. But in this post I’d like to introduce twelve alternative JS libraries that are less well-known but rising rapidly. 1) D3.JS Big data is a growing industry and data visualization is quickly becoming just as important. There [...]