OTA lets you easily create and manage travel products. Use travel components to create complex travel packages and groups, book flight tickets directly and use third-party suppliers to book accommodation, transfers, and activities.

Quote fast
Define prices
Track inventory
Easily add Travel products

Online booking B2B & B2C

Enable travelers or travel agents to search for all products on your B2B or B2C website. Give them the ability to check photos, prices, descriptions and special offers for travel products, search products using Google Maps, create dynamic packages and reservations, and make online payments.

Multiple languages and currencies are supported.

Your visitors can log-in to the B2B/B2C portal to check purchase and payment histories, download needed documents and amend or cancel reservations.

You can implement a fully customized online booking process on your website with the OTA SYSTEM Web API, and you can use our WordPress plugin or hire us to do it for you.

Loyalty program

Start your own loyalty program to reward customers who make frequent purchases. With a loyalty system in place, you can encourage your customers to make even more purchases.
Travelers earn points for each booking and can redeem points on the next purchase. Define the value of each point and exclude specific products from the loyalty system.

Finances and Accounting

OTA SYSTEM lets you create customer invoices, verify supplier invoices, track online and offline payments, improve cash flow, manage exchange rates and it integrates into your existing accounting system.

Create customer invoices

Easily create an invoice for any single reservation. Add multiple payers to each reservation and create invoices for each one. Use OTA SYSTEM to create batch invoices for multiple reservations at once.

Manage customer payments

Enter payments and track paid amounts for each invoice and reservation. Create payment rules such as different installments for each product or customer.

Automate invoice creation

Set up a trigger to create and an email invoice for a customer in the background. Different triggers can be defined, such as, when a payment is received when a reservation’s status is changed for confirmation and other features.

Accounts receivable

Check amounts owed by each customer and identify overdue payments for reservations. The report also includes confirmed bookings not invoiced yet, providing a better overview of future claims.

Offer online payments

OTA is already integrated with more than 40 credit card payment providers. We support 3D secure payments in line with the latest security standards.

Manage your suppliers

Enter and verify supplier invoices
Enter supplier invoices and reduce money losses by easily comparing prices invoiced from suppliers with previously contracted prices.

Manage accounts payable

Provides an option to view total debt owed to suppliers and check outstanding balances with each supplier. The report also includes confirmed bookings still not invoiced, providing a better overview of your future debts.

Track due dates and payments

Define due dates for supplier invoices to see which invoices should be paid when. Eliminates overdue payments, improving supplier relationships.

Manage supplier payment rules

Create different supplier payment rules to gain a better insight when to pay, even if suppliers are late with invoicing. Set up the amount you should pay the supplier on the reservation date, before the travel date or after check-in.

See your actual earnings

Link revenue that you generate with your associated costs. Link each supplier invoice to a specific group, tour or package to gain better insight into exact profit on each tour, group or package.

Reduce the Exchange rate risks

OTA helps you to reduce exchange rate fluctuation risks by automatically calculating the difference that may occur in the product purchase price. Invoice the customer for that difference a few days before they travel.

OTA supports multiple currencies, and you can set the exchange rate manually or import it automatically.


OTA helps nurture passenger relationships, automatically sends travel info and receives customer feedback, automation of the resell process, uses the latest web marketing tools and enables you to start a loyalty program.

Lead nurturing

Develop relationships with your leads (passengers) at every stage of the sales process. Automate a series of customized emails to nurture passenger relationships and increase the inquiry to booking conversion rate.

Automatic customer feedback

Get valuable feedback from your customers so you can improve your offers and services. Surveys are automatically sent to each passenger as soon as they finish a travel deal or package.

Automatic travel info

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by sending them useful info about travel products and destinations. Emails are customized and sent to each individual passenger a few days before commencing travel.

Newsletter integration

All customers and passengers are automatically synced with your Mailchimp newsletter software so that you can email them about the latest news and promotions.


OTA provides you with insightful reports to track your travel business performance. Get insights into sales, marketing, products, suppliers, customers, and employees.

Tour and Group profitability

Having trouble understanding the profitability of complex travel products like tours, groups or packages? Use our powerful reporting engine to get accurate profitability reports on each product.

Customer purchase history

Get detailed information about previously created reservations of each customer to gain a better understanding of customers’ behavior.
Use reports to identify the most lucrative customers and direct your marketing efforts towards them.

Supplier performance reports

Get insights into revenue you achieve for each supplier and renegotiate a better commission from them based on your sales results.

Profit and loss reports

Get a better understanding of profitability for each of your travel products, customers or travel agents you work with and your department or branch office by comparing selling prices with contracted prices uploaded into OTA.

Upon entering supplier invoices, you will be able to see exact earnings as contracted prices may differ from prices invoiced by suppliers.

Accounting, operations and inventory reports
Accounts receivable and payable

Manage customer and supplier payments and invoices. Stay on track with actual earnings, amounts owed and debts.

Operations report

Replace your Excel files with our operations reports to ensure all travelers get the services they ordered. Get a centralized overview of all booked services and products. Quickly identify unconfirmed reservations.

Availability reports

Get detailed information about the available number of rooms, flight and bus seats. Order additional inventory when needed. Easily avoid overbooking situations.

Employee performance reports

The system provides an overview of employee performance. Use the information to award and motivate employees.
Check results by comparing how much revenue each employee generated in a specific period and identify employees achieving the best margins.

Other reports:
  •  Reservation reports
  • Reports by selling channel
  •  Corporate travel reports
  •  Number of nights reports
  • Best selling periods
  • Most profitable destinations
  • Flight ticket reports
  •  Passenger lists
  •  Rooming lists
  •  Flight and transfer lists
  •  Payment reports
  • Coupon code reports