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Search Engine Optimization often referred to as SEO, is a strategic process used to improve a web site or web page’s visibility in search engines organic placement, especially on Google.com.

PREMAIT search engine optimization services are unique to the industry with verifiable results. Our SEO team procedures have been proven to increase domain authority with on and off-site optimization techniques, which work in unison with content marketing and social media strategies to increase your visibility on search engine result pages. With over 5 full-time employees in Jordan alone, PREMAIT has positioned itself as the gold standard in the search engine optimization industry with its Customer First approach toward preparing custom digital strategies for its clients that achieve results.

    Improving natural results on search engines is done through a process that encompasses both on-site and off-site strategies as well as social engagement. While SEO is an ever-evolving professional practice there are many foundational or traditional elements at its core. Below is a list of many of the best practices for SEO as well as more evolved and advanced techniques to guide webmasters and business owners toward better results online.
    Technical enhancements to increase page speed and target the site (and pages) toward specific keywords.
    Content distribution and marketing, backlink building Content Development – Both on and off-site creation of high quality, authoritative content.
    Increasing your site’s social following and engagement (Google+, Facebook, Twitter and more).
    Gaining backlinks to your site from relevant, authoritative webmasters.
    Google Places optimization services and geo-targeted SEO campaigns for brick and mortar businesses.
    Staying up to date on recent changes in Google’s updates
  • 24/7 Traffic Updates:
    Log in any time to see your site’s traffic stats, demographics, and other analytics data.
  • Keyword
    Get the Latest Rankings of your keywords on Google and any other search engine
  • Timely
    Up-to-the-minute HTML, hosting and domain data, Google Analytics
    and link reports.
  • Activities Reporting:
    view of all SEO and web activities for your site. Monitor the monthly progress assigned to your project.
  • SEO Copywriting:
    Content distribution and marketing, Development Both on and off-site creation of high-quality content.
  • Social Engagement:
    Increasing your sites social following and engagement
    (Google+, Facebook, Twitter & more).

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