Website development

We are a professional digital interactive agency that specializes in projects that combine outstanding interactive design with intelligent technology. We understand that having a great website is not always enough. Art, Design, functionality, space management, and impact come as one package, and at PREMAIT, we give each component due attention. And because we are a result-oriented and driven company, our focus is on web design that yields tangible results for our clients.
We guarantee that we will provide clients with a professional site that relays intended messages to target audiences.

Design, production, and deployment of web sites. We employ the best of the following skills and processes to develop sites that truly meet your needs.

    understand your business goals to maximize the effectiveness of your site including the current IT environment and needs, workflow needs, and audience demographics.
    develop the navigational scheme, overall site plan, and structure, planning for specific functions needed to deliver information in the most user-friendly manner, conducting a focus group and usability research.
    understand your current organizational branding to develop color pallets, template layouts, and desired whistles and horns that will fit best.
    install select applications, server applications, template and CSS files, custom code, build content sections, categories and navigation structure.
    hassle-free moving of any existing content into new site.
    full test of your site to ensure full functionality for all potential users.
    taking the new site live, backing up old and new site files.

Web Hosting, Web Design, and Programming, Quick solutions to all sites, E-commerce – Online store,  CMS, Protection of databases, Move the entire site from one host to another, Screening sites and filling gaps and addressing system errors that occur in the sites and clean up the site of the temporary files and databases & Management of remote sites and backup Daily.

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