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Who We Are

The idea of ​​the company it is our dream to create a network serve browser Arab and webmasters , And we started was in 2005 Through the design of personal sites for individuals .
After that was the beginning of the formal establishment of the company in 2005 We have begun work on the service personal , Companies and government departments and today we atchive high rated company Of the leading companies in the field of hosting and web at the level of Jordan.

The company’s goals :
EWS aims To serve its customers with global services through the Best Staff .
The company’s vision:
We aspire to reach the sites of jordanian in particular and in general for the Arab world through modern technology that we provide to our customers.

Services that we offer the company:
Characterized by jordan and technical design to continuous improvement, And today we have a wide range of designs successful and wonderful and very prepared for a wide range of businesses and professions so that each site to get a large variety to choose from and every taste what suits him and this is an important factor we have taken into account when preparing the final formation and division designs to rankings multi fit most modern business and old . All designs share the following features :

  • Long experience in the field of Web Design and Programming.
  • Confidentiality for all customers.
  • Service Subscribers 24 Hours a day all days of the week.
  • Quick solutions to all sites.
  • A working group at the top of the efficiency and professionalism.
  • Provide e-mail service.
  • A wide range of additional services with multiple options.
  • Provide space on the Internet.
  • Guaranteed protection against any illegal use.
  • Commercialization and deployment of e-commerce.
  • Protection of databases.
  • Installation and development of internal networks.
  • What are the company’s other services?

Personal Web Services:

  • Move the entire site from one host to another
  • Forums or upgrade to newer versions of magazines
  • Handling Errors forums and fixed in the fastest time without loss of information
  • Screening sites and filling gaps and addressing system errors that occur in the sites and clean up the site of the temporary files and databases .
  • Management of remote sites and backup work regularly with site maintenance and a lot of smart solutions to increase the efficiency of the work site .

Syndicate Servers:

  • Integrated management of the server .
  • Transfer of the sites or to the server .
  • Update the core software of the surfer .
  • Accessories installed on server .
  • Examine and address the problems of the server as they happen .
  • Continuous technical support throughout the twenty-four hours .
  • Integrated protection system on the server works around the clock .
  • Smart solutions for backup, whether inside or outside of the server on a daily basis .
  • Transfer account fully resaler and all sites belonging to another company or to a separate server .

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