Email Services.

Email Server Hosting For Small Business & Personal Use
When it comes to hosting your own email there are a lot of choices. Email is essential, whether you are running a simple website, managing an online store, or need to provide email accounts for your employees. Each of our hosting plans, regardless of the type of technology, comes with FREE Email and Unlimited Email Addresses that you can associate with your domain. How much email storage you have available can vary by the type of hosting and your plan level. You may also choose to host your own email application utilizing one of our Managed or Unmanaged VPS or Dedicated servers.

Unlimited Email Addresses
Features unlimited addresses on most of our hosting packages.

Email SPAM Protection
Our free protection keeps your computer and inbox safe.

Webmail Software
Featuring pre-installed Horde, Squirrelmail, and RoundCube.

Email Forwarders
Perfect for when you want to change your email addresses.

Automatically send a custom reply to people who contact you.



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